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Blood and Specimen Collection

The Laboratory Medicine Program in Horizon Health Network provides specimen collection site(s) in each area where a medical laboratory assistants will take your samples for testing. Laboratory tests, such as blood tests, are essential to your health. They are an important way for your doctor or health care provider to screen for disease, diagnose, treat, and monitor your medical condition.

Laboratory staff will explain all procedures to you. Please ask your doctor if you have any questions regarding the laboratory tests. All of our medical laboratory assistants are trained and certified. We use the latest techniques and guidelines to ensure specimen integrity, and to protect the safety of our staff and patients. Your laboratory results are strictly confidential, and will be sent to your doctor, health care provider or clinic as soon as they are ready.

Our specimen collection sites have a combination of booked and or walk-in appointments (walk-in appointments are only available in certain facilities). Contact information for any inquiries pertaining to specimen collection or inquiries about your appointment can be found below.

NOTE: We can only accept test orders from doctors or health care providers who have privileges with the New Brunswick College of Physicians.

Facilities and programs offering this service:
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