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The Healing Books Project collection includes self-help and therapeutic books to help you deal with mental health and life issues. The collection also has resources for supporters of people suffering with mental illness and/or addictions.

To view a list of book titles, click on a topic below. A list of all book titles included in that category will open in a separate window.

EN 2SLGBTQ - Celebrate who YOU are!

EN Addictions


EN Anger

EN Anxiety Panic Attacks - Phobias - Social Anxiety - Stress

EN Autism - Asperger's

EN Bipolar Disorder

EN Borderline Personality Disorder

EN Chronic Pain - Chronic Illness

EN Dementia

EN Depression

EN Eating Disorders - Body Image

EN Grief Death - Divorce - Relationships - Suicide

EN Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

EN Parenting

EN Personal Growth Mindfulness - Self-esteem - Self-compassion

EN Schizophrenia

EN Self-harm

EN Trauma Abuse - Complex PTSD - Domestic Violence - PTSD - Sexual Assault - First Responders & Military

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